About E-builders

At E-builders we like to offer our clients a fully customised solution to fulfil their wishlist. No two businesses or organisations are ever exactly the same, which is why website solutions need to be flexible.

Here's what you can expect when working with us:

We'll encourage and help you to come up with your wishlist - as you might not know some of the possibilities now available.

From there, we'll come up with a proposal and a quote, based on the information provided. We'll work with you to come up with a timeline where the content is assembled. A partial payment would be expected at this time.


our experience

Company Mission
E-builders brings a wide range of experience to the table, and strives to make sure the projects are always made with the user in mind. We aim to:

  • Deliver a website that is attractive and easy to use
  • Friendly help and support
  • Keep up to date with new trends
  • Try to find solutions that will work for you
  • Deliver a solution that is professional and fits your image

Our clients are many and varied, and include large and small businesses and organisations from throughout New Zealand and sometimes overseas.

Projects have included schools, churches, galleries, museums, ports, non-profits, camera clubs and photographers, quilt and craft shops, jewellery designers and manufacturers, housing companies and property developers -- and many more.

We've continued to learn along the way as well, so that we can see what works and what doesn't. Feel free to call or email and find out how we can help you.

Donna's Experience

Donna Russell is the director of E-builders NZ Ltd. She initially worked as a copy holder and proof reader before training as a journalist in Auckland.

She spent about 25 years working as a journalist, sub-editor and columnist at the Northern Advocate newspaper in Whangarei, although there was a break of about four-and-a-half years when she lived and worked overseas.

In Perth, Western Australia, she was editor of The Builder newspaper, which was the official journal of the Master Builders Association of Western Australia, for about two years. Further travels saw her living in London for two years, where she worked as a sub-editor on the award-winning Building magazine, which was based first in Fleet Street and later in Docklands.

On her return to New Zealand, she resumed working at the Advocate as farming editor, and later as a sub-editor, garden editor and computer columnist.

In about 1997, she started to learn about building websites and in 2000 was ready to start her own business full time. She gained a postgraduate diploma in media studies, with a special interest in the internet, and she also completed courses in web design.

Donna tutored in web design at Community Education Whangarei for many years as well.


Carla's experience

Carla Bone is a computer engineer with a special interest in database customisation and design.

She gained a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in tourism and computing from Lincoln University, near Christchurch, New Zealand. Later she decided to explore the world and worked in the computing field in London. There she worked in various jobs, including for the London Underground IT department.

On her return to New Zealand, she has tackled many database projects relating to web design and is a master at extracting reports that are customised to our clients needs.